Tajikistan – The Republic of Tajikistan is a landlocked mountainous country in Central Asia. it borders to the south with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan to the north, and China to the east. Most of the population of Tajikistan belongs to the Persian language Tajik ethnic group, which share language, culture and history with Afghanistan and Iran. The mountains cover over 90% of this central Asian republic. Trade in commodities such as cotton, aluminum and uranium has contributed greatly to this constant improvement.

Administrative divisions

Tajikistan is made up of 4 administrative divisions. These are the provinces of Sughd and Khatlon, the Autonomous Province of Gorno-Badakhshan (abbreviated as GBAO), and the Republican Subordination Region (RRP – Raiony Respublikanskogo Podchineniya in transliteration from the Russian or NTJ formerly known as Karotegin Province). Each region is divided into several districts, which in turn are divided into jamoats (village-level self-governing units) and then villages (qyshloqs). As of 2006, there are 58 districts and 367 jamoats in Tajikistan.


Tajikistan is landlocked, and is the smallest nation in Central Asia. It is mostly located between latitudes 36 ° and 41 ° N (a small area is north of 41 °), and the longitudes 67 ° and 75 ° E (a small area is located east of 75 °). It is covered by mountains of the Pamir chain, and more than fifty percent of the country is over 3,000 meters above sea level. The only main areas of land are lower than the North (part of the Fergana Valley), and in the south – Kofarnihon Vakhsh and river valleys, which make up the Amu Darya. Dushanbe is located on the southern slopes above the Kofarnihon valley.


Tajikistan has a population of over 8 mln. Tajiks who speak the Tajik language (a variety of Persians) are the main ethnic group, although there is a substantial minority of Uzbeks and Russians, whose number is in decline due to emigration. In 1989, Russian ethnicity grew by 7.6% of the population. Badakhshan Pamiris are considered to belong to the broader group of Tajiks. All citizens of Tajikistan are called Tajiks.


Sunni of the Hanafi school is the official religion in Tajikistan since 2009.Tajikistan considers itself a secular state with a Constitution that provides for freedom of religion. The government has declared two Islamic holidays, Id al-Fitr and Idi Qurbon, as state festivals. According to a 2009 US State Department of Release, the population of Tajikistan is 98% Muslim, (about 95% Sunni and Shiite 3%). Another 2% of the population are followers of Russian orthodoxy, a variety of Protestant denominations, Catholicism, Zoroastrianism and Buddhism.

1st January – New Year’s Day
March 8 – Women’s Day
20-22 March – Persian New Year (Navruz)
May 1 – International Workers’ Day
May 9 – Victory Day
June 27 – The Day of National Unity
September 9 – Independence Day
November 6 – Constitution Day
November 9 – The Day of National Reconciliation
Various data – Eid al-Fitr Eid-i-Ramazon – End of Ramadan
Various data – Eid ul-Adha Eid-i-Kurbon – It takes place 70 days after the end of Ramadan

Capital (largest city) – Dushanbe (38 ° 33’N 68 ° 48’E)
Official languages ​​- Tajik (state); Russian (inter-ethnic communication)
Government – semi-presidential unitary republic
Independence – Declared on September 9, 1991;
Surface – 143.100 km2 (total) – (102nd) 55.251 sq mi
Water (%) – 1.8
Population – more than 8 million (96th)
Density – 48.6 / km2 (155th) 125.8 / sq mi
Currency – Somoni (TJS)
Time zone – TJT (UTC + 5)
ISO 3166 code – TJ
Internet TLD – .tj


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